Dinner Party In A Box


Want to throw a dinner party? Aren’t sure where to start? Learning to build menus, organize grocery lists and put together prep schedules takes a lot of practice and a lot of trial and error. With Dinner Party In A Box, we’ve done the tedious work so you can enjoy the fun part, cooking! Get ready for some serious praise...you’re about to become an entertaining ninja!

Each ‘box’ comes with all the info you’ll need to throw a delicious, seasonal and fun dinner party. You have a choice of 3 different boxes each season, a meat menu, a seafood menu or a vegetarian menu (with notes for how to make it vegan).

What you get: Menu, grocery lists, prep schedule for the days/hours leading up to your dinner, demo photos, guides and videos, tips and tricks, and serving and drink pairing suggestions

All info comes in PDF form so you can access everything digitally without wasting a single sheet of paper!