Empowering Adventurous Tasters (EAT)


Cooking has always been a way for me to find my place in the world. Sharing food memories, cooking for each other and learning together fosters unbelievable closeness, so I always feel privileged to be part of that experience with kids and adults.


Kids Cooking Classes 

The EAT curriculum is not only about inspiring little ones to get creative in the kitchen it is also about introducing the ideas of sustainability, community building and self care through cooking. 

Organized as week-long or single day camps, each class is organized around 1 ingredient that can be used in multiple ways, emphasizing the versatility of food and the importance of not letting anything go to waste. 

At the end of each camp, the junior top chefs will have a new set of skills, the beginnings of a personal cookbook and a sparked curiosity about what's for dinner!

Hosted in your home, I bring everything but the kitchen sink, including all seasonal and local ingredients. I charge $50/day per child, with a reduced fee for the hosting family.