Catering and private Events

“A party without cake is just a meeting” - Julia Child

Together, we’ll dream up delicious and seasonal menus that will bring all your dinner parties and events to life. Every meal will celebrate sustainable freshness, bright and beautiful colors and above all else, bold and delicious flavors,

From intimate dinner parties to large scale gatherings to multi-day private retreats, I use food as a vehicle to bring people together and flavor to spark conversation and connection.

Please reach out to inquire about pricing and sample menus. Each event is different and I work diligently to make sure every detail is accounted for and all your food needs are met with passion and professionalism. For all events, I strive to highlight local and sustainably grown produce, ethically raised meats and the highest quality ingredients whenever possible. The way we eat and shop can have a profound impact and I am passionate about supporting our planet and the communities responsible for growing and harvesting our food through responsible sourcing.

Furthermore, in an effort to continue to support organizations committed to advocating for and protecting women’s health and equity, 1% of the profits from all events will be donated to the Planned Parenthood Action Fund.

Clients include: Fab Fit Fun, Morgan Stanley Private Wealth Management, Imperial Capital, The Agency Real Estate, Collective Gain, Stepping into Someday Women’s Leadership Coaching, Road Dogs and Rescue

“I have used Carter for numerous parties in the last year and I anticipate working with her indefinitely. First and foremost, she is the perfect professional and an absolute pleasure to work with. Second, her food is delicious and beautiful. Third, her execution and presentation are flawless. Lastly, Carter is creative in all aspects of event planning, and goes above and beyond to ensure that her clients and their guests have a great party.”
— Lisa Amster, Executive Director, Private Wealth Management
“Carter has a special gift of bringing life to food. Being at an event catered by Carter is to remember that food is so much more than physical nourishment—it acts as a way to bring people together. There’s a connection to food, land, farmers and each other that we forget about when eating on our rushed drives to work, or in front of the television late at night. Carter reminds me—without even trying—of the deeper, more spiritual nourishment that food provides. She is phenomenal at what she does—I haven’t experienced anyone else like her.”
— Jackie Shea, Professional Health, Life and Business Coach
If you’re looking for a creative, reliable chef who will deliver on your vision, look no further, Carter is it! We hired Carter to be the private chef for our luxury women’s retreat. We wanted to serve healthy, whole, energizing, bright food that would fuel our 12 guests. She turned that vision into an inspired 3 day menu that truly delivered on the ask. Her meals were fresh, vibrant, and everyone raved about the flavor. One of the best parts about working with Carter is that you can trust her to handle the kitchen. While we were busy facilitating, hosting, and managing logistics, she ran the kitchen with little-no direction from us. The food portion of our event was in good hands, and we didn’t have to worry about it. For that, we are forever grateful. Carter was also solution oriented and great at adapting as needed to changes in timelines or last minute dietary needs. On top of it all, Carter connected with our attendees and became part of the group in a way that was very organic. If you’re hosting an event or retreat, put your trust in Carter, her flavors, and her ability to delight and connect with your guests.
— Kristina D. & Sarah A, A Desert Escape Retreat 2019