EAT sits at the intersection of community building, cultural exploration and social activism, all through the lens of cooking and eating together.

About Chef Carter

I’ve been in the kitchen since day one, literally. I came into the world as my mom prepped for a catering event, arriving just in time for the party. My earliest memories were being propped up on the counter, touching and tasting everything. I have been obsessed with food ever since.  I was mesmerized by cookbooks, food magazines, and cooking shows and lived for trying new recipes, eventually gaining the confidence to improvise and create my own. In high school, I had the opportunity to work in a few of the world class restaurants in Los Angeles. Inspired by the women who ran those kitchens, I learned not to let my gender, small stature, or age hold me back, and instead I garnered resilience, creativity and confidence. 

While studying Modern Dance and American History at Connecticut College in New England, I had the opportunity to study abroad in Seville. Stepping out of my comfort zone and immersing myself in the Spanish tradition of never-ending shared meals, the power of food to connect became all the more real for me.

After a summer in NYC, feeding my friends (and their summer flings) and a 70-page thesis studying the cultural history of 19th century kitchens in America, all signs pointed me back to the kitchen.

EAT was taking shape, even before I knew it.

Since moving back to LA, I’ve spent my time as a caterer, an events coordinator and host, an early education culinary instructor, and a stint as a TV chef.